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Gene annotations for antibody genes

We use gene annotations (Ensembl GRCh37) to extract antibody genes. We extracted gene annotationsof BCR and TCR loci: constant genes (labeled as IG_C_gene, Ensembl GRCh37)  variable genes (labeled as IG_V_gene, Ensembl GRCh37) diversity genes (labeled as IG_D_gene, Ensembl GRCh37) joining genes (labeled … Continue reading

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We released ROP, a protocol to explore unmapped reads

We released ROP : read origin protocol! ROP is a computational protocol aimed to discover the source of all (98.8%) reads, originated from complex RNA molecules, recombinant antibodies and microbial communities.   ROP profiles repeats, circRNAs, gene fusions, trans-splicing events, recombined B and T … Continue reading

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Serghei Mangul is a postdoctoral fellow at Institute for Quantitative & Computational Biosciences, University of California, Los Angeles working with Professor Eleazar Eskin and Mateo Pellegrini. He is affiliated with Department of Computer Science and Human Genetics. His research focuses on developing techniques for solving the … Continue reading

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