CSC 7350 – Programing for Bioinformatics

About the course:

  • The object of this course is to introduce a high-level programming language and basic data structures with a structured approach to problem solving, algorithmic analysis and program development with emphasis on bioinformatics applications.
  • Each student is required to complete an individual Bioinformatics project with a topic, which will be chosen freely. The project should be implemented with a high-level programming language, for example, Java, C, C++, etc. Therefore, each student is required to attend a programming language class in CS department at the same time.
  • In the end of this semester, each student should submit a complete program and a number of reports including, a project proposal, progressive reports and a final report.
  • Grade is assigned based on the quality of the program and the reports.¬†Individual meeting times will be setup, but there will be no regular class time.

Project Topics:

There are a number of Bioinformatics projects. But should note that individual project is not limited to this list. Student can choose any topic related to Bioinformatics freely.

  • Sequence analysis, Pairwise alignment and Database searching.
  • Multiple Sequence Alignments, Trees, and Profiles.
  • Visualizing Protein Structures and Computing Structural properties.
  • Predicting Protein Structure and Function from Sequence
  • Genomes sequencing, and sequence assembly.
  • Annotating and analyzing Whole Genome Sequences.
  • Pattern matching and regular expressions of data.
  • Building Biological Databases.
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